About the Author

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A.M. Valenza likes to write YA, adventure fiction, and romance. A shy, skittish creature. Vain about her hair. Approach her with lame jokes, horror movies, or book recommendations. Spends her time studying, reading, and sewing—well, really seam-ripping because she can’t get the upper thread tension right to save her life. Gleefully writes polyamory, open relationships, bi-pan-ace characters, and grumpy personalities.

  • She posts short fiction and side stories to her published works at this blog, and has another personal blog.
  • She can also be found on Twitter, where she posts doofy pictures and gushes about the stuff she likes.
  • Plus, she uses myWriteClub to update progress on her latest works.
  • And of course more information about her published works can be found at Less Than Three Press and Goodreads.

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